Our Answers

Whose pizza goes into the machine?


Who sets the price per slice?

We will make recommendations but who knows your clientele better than you do?

Why sell slices and not whole pies?

The vending business is a convenience / “grab-and-go” business.

What is the size of the slice?

Either 16” or 18” pie cut into 6 equal slices

How many slices does the machine hold?

108 slices.

How many slices can is serve per hour?

Over 100.

How quickly can a pizza slice be served?

Once the payment has been received, the pizza will be served in approximately 2 ½ minutes.

Is the machine refrigerated or does it come with a freezer?

It comes equipped with low energy refrigeration.

Are the slices stored as cooked, par baked or raw?

They are fully cooked; then refrigerated in a sealed cartridge.

Does the machine heat the pizza using microwave?

NO! The slices are reheated using a conveyor oven and dispensed in a convenient single serving tray.

What are the purchase options?

  • Direct purchase (e.g., full payment)
  • Financing. Financing can be provided by the manufacturer or a third party financial institution.
  • Leasing

How can I acquire the exclusive rights to install and/or distribute the 24/7 Pizza Box within a defined region or territory?

We are constantly asked that question and are in the process of establishing those parameters. In general, the right of exclusivity will be based on the business demographics of the requested region/territory and the number of vending machines needed. In fairness, this is a negotiated number of vending units since the business demographics will vary greatly throughout the United State and abroad.

What would happen if I purchase a machine prior to some other pizzeria, or corporate entity, negotiating a deal that would provide them with exclusive rights to an area that incorporates my installation?

Two things:

  • You would continue to operate the machine with no interruption in service… although you could have competition. However, this is no different than having someone build another “brick-and-mortar” pizzeria down the street from your current location.
  • And, we would discontinue selling the machines to anyone else within the designated area.

As a vending machine operator, what happens if I discontinue the relationship with my existing pizza supplier (i.e., the pizzeria)? Where do I buy my pizza?

We will direct you to another supplier within your area or assist you in establishing a new relationship.

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