How It Works

pizza ingredients

Step One

You Make the Pizza

Bake a pizza, your way. Leave the rest to 24/7 Pizza Box. Our machine holds up to 108 of your slices at a time, keeping your ingredients fresh (and your secret recipes safe).

pizza machine

Step Two

We Serve It Up Fresh

Using a 32" touch screen that accepts all forms of payments, customers order hot slices on-the-go. Pizza Box heats each slice on demand—within 2 minutes—in an industry-standard conveyor oven.

pizza woman

Step Three

Your Customers
Get the Best

We preserve every delicious detail that makes a pizza your pizza, guaranteeing that every slice tastes as good as if it were fresh off the pizza peel. Our technology and your culinary craftsmanship will keep customers coming back for more—for a fraction of the cost of opening up a new pizzeria.