the “World’s Smallest Pizzeria”

The 24/7 Pizza Box serves hot, on-the-go slices within minutes to your customer at their desired location. At malls, hospitals, schools—wherever your customer is—will be YOUR pizza.

It truly is the “Worlds Smallest Pizzeria.”

The technology is simple. Each vending machine is equipped with a low-energy refrigeration system that can store 108 slices of pizza. The full cooked pizza is then reheated in a high capacity conveyor oven from Star Manufacturing, serving over 100 slices per hour in convenient trays using advanced robotic technology form ATS Automation.

Customers will use a 32″ touch screen that accepts multiples orders while collecting valuable customer information that can be used to drive people back to your pizzeria. Each machine features the name and logo of your pizzeria and serves a taste your customers know, making it a natural extension of your main location and promoter of your brand.

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Introducing the 24/7 Pizza Box

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